Laser Seam Stepper

Step into 2016 with the latest technology… Genesis Systems Group Engineers integrated an IPG PhotonicsLSS2-Laser Picker with a FANUC R2000/165 robot to perform produc tand process development work. This robot/laser combination provides a unique solution for customers interested in fiber laser welding as replacement technology for existing resistance spot welding or gas metal arc welding applications.

Project Benefits

Combining the cost advantages of traditional resistance spot welding fixtures, process capabilities of laser welding with the flexibility of a robot, allows our customers to change methods for welding thinner, light weight, higher strength materials. The single sided access version(”Picker”) with integrated clamping allows sheet metal components to deform and provide an excellent interface for laser welding.

UtilizingGenesis’ innovationand experience, FANUC’s Dual Check Safety (DCS) and IPG’s integrated safety functionsallows customers to maximize the benefits of fiber laser welding. Additionally,this latest technology can be integrated into gantry machines, or used as a stand alone, hand held device.

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