Virtual Reality Unites Manufacturing Teams at FABTECH 2016

Immersive visualization in the manufacturing world has proven its value time and time again during design reviews, proof-of-concept validation, and customer engagement. Organizations are experiencing faster buying cycles, accelerated time-to-market, and minimized risk as they optimize designs in the virtual space. Over a year ago, Genesis Systems Group started seeing these benefits firsthand in their digital proof-of-concept processes for robotic automation systems. However, their 3D technology also began providing benefits they weren’t expecting: a more cohesive team and better collaboration.

“We are using the technology more for internal design reviews than we anticipated, which is creating a lot more opportunity for our teams to work together,” says Genesis Virtual Solutions Manager, Justan Each. “Because more people are reviewing designs in the virtual world before we build one of our robotic systems, we are seeing fewer design errors and more optimized solutions.”

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