Minimizing Risk in Robotic Automation

“We want to create a new customer experience. Our customers are interacting a lot more with our engineers and with the design. We are finding that the customer attaches to a solution a lot sooner.”

-Patrick Pollock, CEO/President, Genesis Systems Group

Optimum products start with a cohesive team. When manufacturing organizations experience greater internal collaboration, they reveal astounding ROI. The most forward-thinking of these organizations embrace advanced technology to support collaboration activities, both internally and externally. Since acquiring an immersive visualization system in 2015, Genesis Systems Group has provided deeper insight to their robotic designs and explained difficult robotic automation designs to customers with ease.

Through simulated product design, validation, and review, Genesis’s 3DG brings a new level of design review to their large robotic arc welding systems. On the curved, four-by-four tiled solution, all teammates contribute to a design before showing them to customers in a virtual showroom. Click here to learn more about how every department in Genesis utilizes their solution.

Article provided by Mechdyne

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