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Using a single conventional ultrasonic transducer to transmit and receive a returning sound wave, pulse echo (PE) inspection is one of the more pervasive techniques in transportation and aerospace manufacturing.

Pulse echo inspection is ideally suited for locating flaws and defects in the most common materials used for manufacturing. Highly accurate and reliable, these detection methods have been used for examining and evaluating structural beams, welding, pipeline integrity, defense industry production, and more.

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The Genesis NSpect™ 115 Robotic NDI System, contains a single, track-mounted KUKA 6-axis robot.
This system includes various inspection process packages, including multiple Phased Array Ultrasound tools and a pair of Through Transmission Ultrasound yokes . All tools are interchangeable with Automatic Tool Changers
This NSpect system will inspect multiple composite parts using a water-coupled Through Transmission Ultrasound technology. It is also capable of performing single-sided Pulse Echo and Phased Array inspections, with the included process equipment and end of arm tools.
For the ultrasonic process equipment, Genesis has selected Boeing’s AUSS instrumentation and software package. Building on 25+ years of automated inspection experience, Genesis has integrated the AUSS programming, data system and analysis into the NSpect family of systems. Included is a digital data system, with a high power Through Transmission Ultrasound instrumentation with dual frequency transducers. It is capable of operating in Through Transmission Ultrasound at either 1 & 5 MHz or 2.5 & 5 MHz while providing simultaneous Pulse Echo on both sides of the part. The Phased Array subsystem is based upon the Olympus Focus PX package. Data analysis will be achieved with Boeing’s ImagIn software which is tightly coupled with the Motion Mapping Package.
Each process tool also includes an ATI Automatic Tool Changer that mates with the robot Master tools, allowing the robot to change between tools in an automated fashion.
The Genesis NSpect 115 NDI system brings to the Aviation, Space and Defense industry high speed inspection of parts with improved throughput over traditional cartesian NDI systems. Contact Genesis Systems for more information.
Pulse Echo Ultrasound Inspection
Genesis NSpect Kompakt C - TTU PE
Automated Non-Destructive Inspection
Genesis NSpect 106 C - PE Turntable
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