Automated Material Handling For Agricultural Equip. Mfr Maintains 95% Uptime For Complex Parts Processing

Genesis Systems developed a robotic material handling solution for a highly complex manufacturing process.

An agricultural equipment manufacturer was struggling with lathing, deburring and washing of planetary output shafts. Processes were already partially automated but were too slow and prone to disruptions and errors.

The Challenge

The robotic material handling system needed to automate several material handling processes while integrating with 2 lathes, a gun drill, part washer, balancer and part marker. The automation system had to have minimal changeover and three work zones – two lathe zones and one robot zone.

The Solution

Genesis integrated a single-robot workcell with a FANUC R2000iB robot mounted on a 12-meter track and a FANUC iRVision/2D vision system capable of detecting part location while in the robot gripper.

The robot had a dual gripper containing one 2-jaw and one 3-jaw gripper, both with quick change jaws and two carriage mounted re-grip stations. An inbound conveyor was implemented with two 12” lanes and “v-shaped” hard stops.

The workcell had a 10” AB Panelview Plus Operator Interface (HMI) and the whole system was enclosed by a 12’ safety enclosure with two vertical light curtains capable of securing three zones via Safety PLC logic.

The Results

Genesis successfully delivered a three-zone, vision-enabled material handling system with full integration into the manufacturer’s existing machinery and the capability to handle all four part types. The robotic system was able to maintain 95% uptime on an ongoing basis.

The robotic material handling system was much quicker and more accurate than the manual processes previously filling the gaps between automated processes. Genesis delivered a single robotic integration solution that successfully streamlined multiple, highly complex part processes for significant return on investment.

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