How Automated Adhesive Dispensing Systems Accelerate Productivity

Automated Adhesive Dispensing Automation of adhesive dispensing has gained popularity in recent years because of the productivity and efficiency advantages robotic systems provide in this type of application. Despite the fact that adhesive dispensing systems often require a large initial investment, as well as additional mechanical systems to position and hold objects for dispensing in a repeatable fashion, manufacturers are still seeing the returns they need with these systems. In one instance, even cutting cycle time in half.

So how exactly do automated adhesive dispensing systems accelerate productivity, given the initial investment and equipment required?

3 Ways Automated Adhesive Dispensing Systems Create Productivity Gains

Manual processes are slow, imperfect and messy. They leave a lot to be desired, and can often prove to be a bottleneck in production processes. Automation solves much of these problems in three main ways.

1. Accuracy

By nature, robotic systems are highly repeatable. Adhesive dispensing becomes highly accurate after automating. This means that little to no time is spent cleaning up and correcting messy and imperfect dispensing jobs. The production line can keep moving as fast as the adhesive can be dispensed.

2. Speed

Robots can dispense adhesives extremely fast when compared to manual processes and accounting for overall uptime. Some robotic dispensing systems can dispense at speeds up to 800 inches per minute (IPM) with near perfect accuracy. Add high levels of uptime to this, and you have an automated dispensing system that can dispense significantly more adhesive per day when compared to manual processes.

3. New Technology

There’s constantly new technology emerging for automated adhesive dispensing systems that make them even faster and more accurate. Whether it’s new light sources for accuracy, flow sensors for consistency, or valve and touch controllers for precision even in microdot dispensing, there’s always something new to keep productivity levels increasing.

There are many different ways automated adhesive dispensing systems can improve productivity for manufacturers, although the three mentioned above are some of the most obvious and impactful.

To learn more about automated adhesive dispensing systems and to see if your application is a good fit, continue reading about robotic dispensing solutions.

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