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Non-Destructive Testing Spotlight: Eddy Current

Manufacturers looking for the best inspection material testing to improve speed and efficiency might want to take a look at the Eddy Current Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) method. This fast, reliable test offers advantages many may have not considered since they last reviewed whether non-destructive testing would work for an application. An Eddy Current NDI Testing […]

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Robotic Systems in Non-Destructive Inspection Applications

As manmade infrastructure throughout the world continues to expand and mature, humans must constantly assess the integrity of their carbon fiber components. In recent years, manual inspections are being replaced by automated non-destructive inspection methods made possible by robotic systems. Manufacturers also use non-destructive inspection to inspect their products. Like most consumers and businesses, you […]

What is Laser Shearography Non-Destructive Inspection and How Is It Used in Aerospace?

What is Laser Shearography Non-Destructive Inspection and How Is It Used in Aerospace?

Non-destructive inspection (NDI) is crucial to the aerospace industry, and laser shearography is a form of NDI that is perfect for quality control applications. Laser shearography can detect defects fast and accurately on the composites and metallic materials used in aircraft manufacturing. Aerospace Inspections Performed with Laser Shearography Laser shearography is an optical measurement technique […]

Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection Improves Aircraft Safety

Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection Improves Aircraft Safety

Ultrasonic, robotic non-destructive inspection has proved to be an effective way for the aerospace industry to ensure that large aircraft parts are safe. The demands for material testing and quality assurance in aerospace are matched by only a handful of other industries. The safety of human passengers, crew, and cargo must be of the highest […]

Types of Non-Destructive Inspection For Aerospace Applications

Types of Non-Destructive Inspection for Aerospace Applications

With the use of carbon fiber composite materials for aircraft, space and defense applications, robotic non-destructive inspection processes allow for the inspection of structural components at faster inspection speeds, delivering higher inspection productivity. Ultrasonic inspection allows manufacturers to evaluate the materials, components, and structure without causing damage to the materials examined. Benefits of Non-Destructive Inspection: […]

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