Choosing the Right Robot Integrator is Vital for Robotic Dispensing Systems

For robotic adhesive dispensing, whether or not you choose the right robot integrator plays a major role in the resulting performance of the system. The wrong decision can lead to inefficiency and weak return on investment (ROI).

Finding ROI with Robotic Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Automated dispensing systems need to be precise – programmed down to the millimeter – to evenly and accurately dispense adhesives. Without this accuracy, profits are diminished through cleaning and rework.

Along the same lines, a robotic adhesive system must be consistent and repeatable. Much of the productivity of these systems comes from their improved uptime and reduced errors, so they must be consistent to be profitable.

On the other hand, adhesive dispensing systems must balance this need for accuracy and consistency with the need for flexibility. Most adhesive dispensing systems will need to be able to dispense beads, arcs, circles and dotted lines. The ability to automate several tasks for the same initial investment leads to quicker ROI, but flexibility between application methods is often a challenge for robotic systems.

Qualities of the Right Robot Integrator for Adhesive Dispensing Systems

There are a few things to look for when choosing a robot integrator for robotic adhesive dispensing systems:

  • Industry Experience: the first thing to look for is industry experience. Knowing what the automated system means to your business, and how it helps you compete in your space, can help inform systems integration to get you the best system possible.
  • Robot Components: in many instances, manual processes can be automated with a pre-engineered workcell. This lowers the initial cost of automation, significantly reduces the integration lead time, and can be proven to create productivity in similar environments.
  • Support and Collaboration: your robot integrator should be a good business partner that fully understands how the system will impact your current operations. Additionally, you’ll want an integrator that provides offline programming before installation, ongoing maintenance and training.

There are certainly other qualities that separate the best robot integrators from the rest, but industry experience, robot components and a commitment to service will help ensure you receive the best robotic adhesive dispensing system you can get.

Robotic adhesive dispensing systems require superior levels of accuracy, consistency, and flexibility to be productive. Choosing the right integrator can help you achieve all three qualities in a robotic adhesive dispensing system.

If you need to eliminate manual processes and reduce cycle times, Genesis robotic adhesive dispensing systems can help you do just that.

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