Industrial Robotic Inspection Work Cells Boost Accuracy and Throughput

Industrial robots are perfectly suited to boost accuracy and throughput for industrial inspection applications. Regardless of whether it’s non-destructive inspection in the aerospace industry, or automated metrology in the automotive industry, robotic work cells bring performance levels that manual processes cannot match.

Accuracy and throughput are the two major reasons manufacturers automate inspection processes, and there are several reasons why industrial robots are a perfect match to deliver these two qualities in production.

How Do Industrial Robotic Inspection Work Cells Improve Accuracy?

When programmed correctly, robotic processes are highly repeatable. With automated fixturing and material handling, industrial robotic inspection work cells can perform the same exact inspection or scan on every product that’s put in front of it. This level of consistency helps create more accurate inspection.

Repeatable inspections are difficult when being done manually. Manual processes are inherently prone to error, and in industries like aerospace or automotive, one inspection error can be disastrous both for the end user and the company’s bottom line.

How Do Industrial Robotic Inspection Work Cells Improve Throughput?

Industrial robotic inspection work cells have far greater levels of uptime than manual processes. Robots only needs breaks for routine maintenance. Other than that, they can work tirelessly around the clock which improves throughput tremendously.

In many manufacturing environments, the need for accurate and reliable inspections can make these processes a bottleneck in overall production. Industrial robotic inspection work cells also increase throughput by eliminating inspection bottlenecks, allowing other production processes to move forward at full speed.

Often times, industrial robotic inspection work cells can be programmed to inspect more than one type of production part. This further expands the benefits of robotic automation to improve overall production throughput.

Industrial robotic inspection work cells are perfectly suited to improve accuracy and throughput in a wide range of industrial inspection applications. Manual processes simply cannot compete with the benefits that industrial robots bring to inspection tasks.

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