Robotic Systems in Non-Destructive Inspection Applications

As manmade infrastructure throughout the world continues to expand and mature, humans must constantly assess the integrity of their carbon fiber components. In recent years, manual inspections are being replaced by automated non-destructive inspection methods made possible by robotic systems.

Manufacturers also use non-destructive inspection to inspect their products. Like most consumers and businesses, you probably demand high quality and consistency from the products you purchase. Today’s manufacturers use non-destructive testing to ensure product integrity and reliability, as well as to test compliance with government regulations.

Benefits of Robotic Systems in Non-Destructive Testing

Industries need to be able to test structural integrity non-invasively to eliminate waste. And they want to do so fast to improve efficiency. Non-destructive inspection is like visual inspection, eddy current testing, and ultrasonic testing can now be automated thanks to robotics advancements, making it fast, reliable, and repeatable.

Many part configurations and work environments make it difficult for operators to perform proper inspections. But sensors and actuators can now be added to robots that can enable them to climb, swim, or even fly. With these capabilities, robotic systems can navigate unsafe environments as well as those that are difficult for humans to access.

Non-Destructive Inspection Applications for Robotic Systems

Multiple processes can be easily integrated into the same system. Genesis Engineers have expertise in:

  • Through Transmission Ultrasonic (TTU)
  • Pulse Echo
  • Phased Array
  • Eddy Current
  • Thermography
  • Sherography
  • Metrology

Let’s discuss your unique application and how Genesis Systems can help you with your unique non-destructive inspection needs.

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