Genesis Business Units:

Aviation, Space & Defense

The Genesis Aviation, Space & Defense Unit offers you an experienced team of aerospace and defense industry professionals specializing in robotic systems integration for non-destructive inspection (NDI), laser processing, mobile robotic platforms, large scale manipulators, IIoT connectivity for robot cell control, and remote machine tending, as well as custom solutions for large scale welding and manufacturing applications.

The Aviation, Space & Defense Unit understands the constant pressure to reduce costs while maintaining consistency and reliability in processes to ensure safe, compliant, high quality products. Genesis’ custom and turn-key solutions are designed to deliver enhanced efficiencies and productivity that fulfill strict industry requirements.

Leveraging years of industry experience, our team of engineers has developed robotic applications and processes to overcome the most complicated, often extremely large scale, manufacturing and inspection challenges within the commercial aviation, space launch, and defense sectors.

Genesis offers the following robotic integration solutions for aviation, space and defense applications:

  • Non-Destructive Inspection to include:
    • Ultrasonic Inspection (TTU/PAUT)
    • X-Ray
    • Shearography
    • Eddy Current
  • Material Handling
    • Part Contact Tooling
    • Press Tending
    • Machine Loading
  • Material Removal
  • Laser Processing
    • Part Contact Tooling
    • Ablation
    • Additive
  • Robotic Tooling
  • Virtual Proof of Concept Visualizations
  • Metrology

Genesis also offers Variation Simulation Analysis and Weld Distortion Analysis to facilitate production time efficiencies.

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