Non-Destructive Inspection Workcell Speeds Scan Of Parts Of Unequal Weights

Genesis Delivers Flexibility and Adaptability to Inspection Processes.

A leading aerospace manufacturer asked Genesis Systems Group to develop a custom, integrated robotic non-destructive inspection system that would accommodate a variety of parts simultaneously. Their previous automation processes were separated – one automation system performing inspection of one spar configuration – which slowed down production.

The Challenge

The Customer needed a non-destructive inspection system that could hold and scan four different spar types with full access to each workpiece and minimal operator interference, without sacrificing efficiency or payload.

The Solution

Genesis delivered a non-destructive inspection system with twelve inverted robot pogos with payloads ranging from 240kg to 500kg at the work piece root. The robot pogo configuration was built to accommodate work pieces of unequal weights, up to a total part weight of 680kg.

The holding robots and the scanning robots were designed for coordinated motion to ensure no work piece fixturing interference. Coordinated motion was also created between holding robots and the companies overhead mechanical equipment for seamless loading and unloading.

The Results

The robotic non-destructive inspection system was able to hold and fully access four different spar types – just as the customer had requested. Additionally, integrating the system’s design with existing overhead mechanical equipment enabled minimal operator interference in the inspection process.

After integration was completed, the automation system could do the work of several older systems with very little retooling for part configuration changes. Coordinated motion between robots created a reliable, repeatable process for each configuration.

In the end, Genesis developed a system that met the customer’s growing need for flexibility and adaptability in its automated non-destructive testing and inspection processes.

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