NDI of Aircraft OEM Parts Using Genesis NSpect 115 Delivers Speed & Quality

Genesis integrates flexible NSpect 115 robotic Non-Destructive Inspection solution with short project lead time.

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of aircraft components needed to automate non-destructive inspection (NDI) processes. Their goal was to speed up production by eliminating inspection bottlenecks while also improving the quality of part inspections.

The Challenge

The need to automate NDI of multiple part configurations required a complex system; but integration needed to be completed in a short time frame.

The Solution

Genesis integrated their NSpect 115 robotic inspection system – a one station, one robot with a servo track system featuring a KUKA KR100 HA robot. The ultrasonic testing system included GD&T tooling with changeover details.

Genesis also integrated a QMI Sonda System with air-coupled Through Transmission Equipment. The automation project included integration with customer-supplied ultrasonic acquisition software.

The Results

Genesis delivered an automated system for non-destructive inspection within the short lead time the aircraft OEM had specified. Capable of inspecting all the part configurations the aircraft OEM needed tested, the Geneis NSpect 115 completed inspection of each part configuration with high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

Despite the small window for robotic system integration, Genesis was able to deliver solution that met the OEM’s specific requirements. The Genesis NSpect 115 eliminates production bottlenecks for the aircraft OEM and helped them to meet their efficiency goals.

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