NDI of Carbon Fiber Aircraft Clips in Under 3 Minutes

Genesis NSpect 210 delivers high speed robotic ultrasonic testing with cycle times under three minutes.

An aerospace industry leader needed automation of non-destructive inspection for carbon fiber aircraft clips. Inspection processes were becoming a bottleneck in production – they needed faster inspection to find overall efficiency gains.

The Challenge

High-speed non-destructive inspection of over 650 unique parts per ship set called for an extremely flexible system to be able to scan 100% of each part with cycle times under three minutes.

The Solution

Genesis integrated the NSpect 210 robotic NDI inspection system – a two-station, one robot system with no auxiliary axes. The KUKA KR60 robot included vacuum end-of-arm tooling.

The non-destructive inspection system incorporated a FlawInspecta ultrasonic system by Diagnostic Sonar, UTEX InspectionWare Acquisition and Analysis software, and an immersed 64-element linear array operating in pulse echo.

The Results

Genesis delivered an extremely flexible high-speed robotic system for non-destructive testing and inspection. The NSpect 210 NDI inspection system met Genesis’ customers goal of reducing cycle times to less than three minutes.

The NSpect 210 was able to scan 100% of each part, accommodating over 650 unique parts per ship set. The speed and accuracy of inspection processes was improved dramatically, and the customer eliminated their production bottleneck, achieving overall efficiency gains.

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