Robotic, Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Inspection of Carbon Fiber Components Delivers Speed & Accuracy

Genesis robotic NDI automation solution shows that speed and flexibility are key to productivity in aerospace testing.

A manufacturer in the aerospace industry needed to automate non-destructive inspection and inspection processes to improve productivity. Existing processes were too slow and limited production capabilities.

The Challenge

Manual inspection and testing was too slow across a wide range of parts, which kept production from catching up with a years-long backlog in orders that was only growing longer.

The Solution

Genesis conducted a thorough evaluation of parts that needed non-destructive inspection and determined that the Genesis NSpect 210 workcell was the best system for the job.

This workcell was a two-station, single robot system featuring a KUKA KR30HA Robot with a KRC 2 Controller, and a FlawInspecta high-speed ultrasonic array and imaging system.

Parts are inspected in both transmission and pulse echo modes, with the ability to take the process to the part and the part to the process.

The Results

Genesis took a process with a “lab-environment” mentality and gave it a “production” mentality. The new automated system for non-destructive inspection could inspect a broad range of carbon fiber components with little to no hardware changeover.

The user-friendly interface makes the robotic system simple to understand and easy to maintain, bringing state of the art technology to the inspection process that exceeds industry specifications for non-destructive inspection.

Genesis created a system that could perform non-destructive inspection far faster than the manufacturer’s existing systems. Combine this with the flexibility to inspect several different parts with little or no changeover, and the NSpect 210 delivered speed and flexibility without sacrificing the integrity of testing.

The manufacturer received a major boost in productivity, allowing them to start catching up with their enormous backlog of orders.

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