NDI of Complex Composite Aircraft Parts Simplified With Genesis NSpect 115 Workcell

Custom, robotic non-destructive inspection solution boosts productivity for even the toughest inspection challenges.

A manufacturer of composite aircraft components in the aerospace industry needed to automate the non-destructive inspection of a wide range of large, irregular parts. The existing method of testing these parts simply did not deliver results that aligned with the company’s competitive pricing objectives.

The Challenge

Inspection processes were slow and prone to inaccuracies, limiting the company’s initiative to streamline production to provide more competitive pricing.

The Solution

After thoroughly reviewing all parts and processes related to the NDI process, Genesis recommended the NSpect 115 NDI System. Featuring a servo track mounted KUKA KR210 robot, the NDI workcell is a one station, one robot system.

The workcell includes a custom designed Carbon Fiber Yoke with 60” throat depth and adjustable squirters mounted to the yoke that operate in Through-Transmission and Pulse Echo channels.

The system was integrated with customer-specified acquisition software, allowing an operator to quickly and easily choose a robot program to start the scan cycle.

The Results

Genesis delivered a unique system for non-destructive inspection that significantly improves upon previous processes. The automation solution is capable of testing over 20 different part models, each with very large, complex part geometries.

Compared to manual, laboratory-environment processes, the newly automated non-destructive inspection processes were highly accurate and repeatable, enabling faster production processes.

The increased accuracy and speed of non-destructive inspection and inspection streamlined production processes and in the end helped the manufacturer get closer to their goal of providing competitive pricing through more efficient processes.

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