Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) Case Studies

Genesis non-destructive inspection (NDI) robotic solutions help maximize productivity while maintaining the reliability and integrity of test performance and data acquisition.

Non-Destructive Inspection for Accuracy, Repeatability and Productivity

For 30+ years, Genesis Systems has been an innovator in the robotic automation arena. Recently Genesis Engineers expanded their thinking into non-destructive inspection (NDI) automation for manufacturers who must meet strict safety standards.

In industries like aerospace or defense, there is no room for error. Genesis has consistently developed robotic NDI solutions to attain the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability with a goal of minimal cycle time for maximum productivity. These successes have made Genesis a leader in robotic NDI solutions, and robotic ultrasonic NDI in particular, across a number of industries.

With 5,000+ robot deployments and counting, Genesis offers you the expertise you require for your challenging non-destructive inspection and testing applications.

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