NDI Ultrasonic Robotic Solution for Rocket Parts Cuts Cycle Time

The Genesis custom NSpect cell is a highly unique robotic NDI system that increases production quality and speed.

A pioneer in aerospace technology needed a highly customized robotic NDI system to automate inspection of composite rocket components. They hoped to improve the accuracy and quality of inspection processes, but also needed a system that would increase production speed to justify the costs of automation.

The Challenge

Rocket component sizes were approximately 40 feet long and 18 feet across, making quick inspection of 100% of the part extremely difficult for a stationary cell.

The Solution

Genesis integrated a single-robot system on one track to inspect the rocket components from below the part. The robotic system incorporated specifically designed carbon fiber yokes for weight reduction and stability.

To shorten trigger/array lines, Genesis included a Triax trigger cable, an opto-isolator on the trigger line and placed a Sonda pulse/receiver on the carriage. A turntable was set up to spin in a ‘washing machine’ motion with a coordinated system based placed on the centerline of the turntable face to provide distance and rotation data.

The Results

Genesis delivered a robotic solution for non-destructive inspection the exceeded the expectations of the end user. The new yoke design created weight reductions and stability improvements, while trigger/array lines saw significant noise reductions.

The turntable setup allowed the robotic system 100% reach of the enormous rocket components. The accuracy of the custom NSpect system for non-destructive inspection improved the consistency and accuracy of inspection results. Also, inspection process cycle times were reduced to around 30-hours.

In the end, Genesis delivered an innovative robotic system for non-destructive inspection that allowed our customer to improve both the quality and speed of the inspection processes.

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