Plasma Cutting & Welding Robot Workcell Increases Production Speed by Up to 50%

Genesis integrated robotic solutions delivers major efficiencies with significantly faster cutting and part processing speeds.

A manufacturer of hydronic-based components was struggling to keep up with daily production requirements for tank head subassemblies. Slow manual processes required parts to be moved between five different stations, which was affecting product quality and lead times.

The Challenge

Robotic automation only made sense for the customer if one plasma cutting system could quickly and accurately cut holes from 17” to ¼” in diameter. They required an extremely flexible system with the speed to boost production capacity to meet daily demands.

The Solution

Genesis implemented two HPR130 plasma cutting systems with FANUC robots to handle all plasma cutting processes. Genesis designed and integrated the entire automation system with process flexibility in mind. The robots replaced individual stamping, drilling and manual plasma cutting processes.

The robotic plasma cutting workcells also processed parts much faster than manual applications; they even eliminated the excessive dross which led to porosity and leaks in downstream welding stations.

The Results

Overall, Genesis’ customer is now able to process parts 40 – 50% faster than they ever were before. Labor, setup-times and lead times are all drastically reduced as a direct result of the robotic plasma cutting automation. The quality of part processing increased too, helping eliminate downstream bottlenecks in production.

The robotic cutting solution from Genesis provided the flexibility that the client required, allowing them to automate all their plasma cutting processes. The versatility of the automation system is at the heart of what allowed such great productivity gains in the first place.

Genesis’ customer has been so pleased with their plasma cutting systems that they’re in the process of ordering two more to help scale production even further to keep up with their considerable year over year growth.

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