Automated Welding Solutions That Deliver ROI

More than 40 years solving the toughest welding challenges.

In today’s competitive environment, automated welding systems afford manufacturers a way to stay ahead of the competition. With the latest technology at our fingertips, Genesis continues to research and develop innovative welding processes that deliver the speed, quality and accuracy you require.

After 40+ years and over 5,500 robot integrations, welding challenges are a core competency at Genesis. Providing both custom and turnkey solutions, our holistic approach to developing client projects begins with an analysis of your process needs and requirements. The result is a welding solution that is finely tuned to accelerate your ROI.

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In today’s competitive environment, Genesis’s automated welding solutions provide manufacturers a way to stay ahead of the competition. Genesis continues to research and develop innovative welding process techniques that deliver the speed & quality you require.

Featured in the Genesis CRZ FT workcell, is the SERVO-ROBOT FUJI-CAMTM, a technology that when added to your robotic welding application enables the robot to adjust for variable part fit up conditions and more accurately seam track the weld joint.

Application development has been significantly simplified with the latest technology as the operator programs the tasks intuitively thru an icon-based interface directly on the FANUC Teach Pendant.

By utilizing the Teach Pendant and FANUC’s Sensor commands, in combination with the FUJI-CAMTM and software, finding and analyzing the weld joint for offsetting and tracking has now become an easy process. After the weld joint has been found and initially analyzed, the robot’s pre-programmed start position is offset to adjust for the varying condition. Additionally, while welding, the laser continues to track the joint and offset the robot’s pre-programed path creating the high-quality welds needed for your application.

This solution allows the robot to seam track while TIG welding for this application. Due to the nature of the pulse TIG welding being utilized for this part, the traditional seam tracking software by FANUC cannot track the weld like it would in a MIG process. However, the SERVO-ROBOT FUJI-CAMTM does track these joints even with the intense reflection from welding stainless steel.

To maintain their competitive advantage, manufactures are requiring increased throughput without sacrificing quality. Coupling Genesis knowledge and application experience with the SERVO-ROBOT FUJI-CAMTM is another way Genesis Systems can provide you that competitive edge.

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