Automated Resistance Welding That Improves Profitability

Delivering energy savings and efficiencies with robotic automated resistance welding solutions from Genesis.

Featuring high speed and repeatable accuracy, robotic resistance welding is a cost-effective way to increase your throughput, significantly reduce process times, and achieve better quality.

automated resistance welding
automated resistance welding
automated resistance welding
automated resistance welding
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Whether you’re looking for a custom or turnkey solution, robotic, automated resistance welding from Genesis affords you a number of enhancements that can increase your profitability:

  • Replace time consuming riveting with stronger, more shear resistant spot welds
  • Reduce workpiece deformation
  • Achieve higher production rates
  • Reduce your need for filler materials
  • Multiple control types of spot and pedestal welders are available
  • Single phase AC
  • Mid frequency DC – saves power and increases quality
  • Pneumatic, Air over Oil, Hydraulic and Servo Guns are available
  • Everyday Automated Resistance Welding & Spot Welding Applications
  • Projection welding systems are the logical choice for nut and bolt welding
  • Robotic resistance welding works to connect cross-wires from everything from automobile seats to light bulb filaments
  • Spot welding is perfect for sheet metal applications
  • Three or more metal thicknesses can be welded together at one time


In addition to our 30+ years and 5,000 robotic integrations, Genesis also provides you with the comprehensive support you require throughout the integration process, including training, programming and maintenance.

To help you with your decision-making process, we invite you to visit our world class Automated Solutions Center where you can meet our experts and test our systems before you buy.

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