Laser Automation

IPG fiber lasers are built to last and have become the tool of choice for manufacturers worldwide due to their high-reliability, high-efficiency and unmatched flexibility across applications in nearly every industry. Integrating Genesis robotic automation with IPG fiber lasers, beam delivery and cutting edge technologies such as real-time weld monitoring, dual-beam laser sources and high peak power enables even greater capability and productivity.

E-Mobility applications and EV battery production benefit from integrated robotic laser automation solutions that enable manufacturers to deliver safe and reliable electric vehicles at the highest quality and the lowest overall cost. For aerospace applications, laser automation provides high-precision processing for surface cleaning, drilling, welding, flash cutting and quality assurance. White goods appliances and turf-care products integrate laser automation for consistent and fast overlap welding. Heavy industrial applications such as shipbuilding, railroads, oil & gas and construction use laser automation for reliable deep-penetration welding of high-strength materials with low heat input and minimal distortion.

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