Robotic, Automated Cutting Solutions to Boost Productivity

More than 30 Years Solving the Toughest Cutting Challenges

Genesis’ versatile robotic, automated cutting solutions deliver speed and accuracy for trimming large contoured parts or smaller 3D composite and steel parts with precision.

Competition has never been tougher. Producing your parts with increased speed and accuracy is required to remain competitive. Genesis’ robotic, automated thermal cutting solutions deliver the flexibility and enhanced productivity you need to meet your business objectives.

Robotic Thermal Cutting Solutions

Eliminate time consuming processes and significantly increase processing speeds up to 50% with robotic thermal cutting solutions from Genesis.

Keeping up with daily production requirements is a challenge with some thermal cutting equipment. By eliminating time-consuming processes where possible, Genesis’ robotic thermal cutting solutions are designed to streamline your thermal cutting operations.

With options for plasma or fuel cutting, Genesis’s thermal cutting robots deliver precise cuts regardless of the desired shape. Based on 3D CAD files, square holes, angled bevels, and other complex figures can be easily created at a faster rate without requiring additional finishing steps. The result is a precision part in less time, significantly increasing your throughput and productivity.

thermal cutting
thermal cutting
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Genesis has put 30+ years of industry experience into the technology behind our proprietary turnkey robotic workcell solutions. With over 5,000 successful deployments, we’ve helped customers tackle a variety of challenges.

To help you with your decision-making process, we invite you to visit our world class Automated Solutions Center where you can meet our experts and test our systems.