Precise and Reliable Automated Dispensing Solutions

Adhesive dispensing systems from Genesis are engineered to eliminate manual processes and reduce cycle times.

Adhesive Dispensing

Imagine being able to lay down 24-meters of highly viscous bead in 3.5 minutes. With an automated dispensing system it’s more than possible. It’s fact. Seam sealing and adhesive applications don’t have to be the bottleneck in your process anymore. Automated adhesive dispensing is important; your business will experience a rapid ROI by leveraging the accuracy and consistency of robotic dispensing.

Seam Sealing and Other Adhesive Applications

Automated adhesive dispensing is important to many industries. From circuit protection to structural bonding, your business could experience a rapid ROI if you leverage the accuracy and consistent speed of robotic dispensing systems.

Integration With Existing Systems

Efficiency begins with working with what you already have and leveraging it to do more for you. If this means developing a completely custom adhesive dispensing system, it’s worth it. And we’re even happier if we can so integrate a re-purposed robot into your system so you end up with more than a dispensing system. You could have a complete assembly system.

automated dispensing
adhesive dispensing
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