Robotic Deburring of Diesel Engine Cylinder Blocks Cuts Cycle Times To Under 3 Minutes

Genesis delivers a robotic material removal system that maintains 90% uptime and speeds time to market for an agriculture equipment manufacturer.

An agriculture equipment manufacturer needed to cut cycle times for deburring processes, which were creating bottlenecks in production of diesel engine cylinder blocks. To improve their time to market, they needed a fast, flexible automation solution they could depend on.

The Challenge

The need to cut cycle time on multiple processes presented a significant challenge. One automation system had to: handle material that weighed over 600 pounds; complete multiple internal and external deburring processes on 6 faces of the cylinder block; and complete all of this in just a few minutes per part.

The Solution

Genesis integrated a two-robot system featuring a FANUC M900i/600 robot and a FANUC R2000iB/165F robot. The system incorporated a robot-mounted Pushcorp 10HP servo tool changer with Active Force Device. The robotic deburring system was secured in a custom Genesis enclosure that had 9’ wall panels with windows and a raised floor and drip pans.

The automation system included an Allen Bradley ControlLogix – based PLC package communicating to cell components and the plant network over Ethernet, as well as an Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1000 HMI.

The Results

Genesis delivered a system that overcame the difficulties of the application and helped the agriculture equipment manufacturer meet their production goals. The robotic material handling and deburring system had an overall cycle time under 3 minutes and maintained 90% uptime.

The robotic system efficiently deburred oil gallery holes, thrust flanges, cams/cranks, starts, injection pumps and timing pin bores. The system was also capable of containing liquids while being washed down.

In the end, the manufacturer was able to eliminate bottlenecks in production and improve their time to market. Genesis delivered a fast, flexible automation solution that served as the backbone for more productive manufacturing processes.

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