Automotive robotic integration solutions

Automotive Robotics, Robotic Integration for Tier 1, 2 & 3 Manufacturers

Innovative Automotive Robotics for Production Efficiency and Global Competitiveness

Genesis is a leader in robotic integration for the automotive industry. With production facilities in the US, Mexico and Japan – and fluency in the English, Spanish, and Japanese languages – Genesis has been helping automotive manufacturers meet their production goals in an increasingly competitive market.

From our core competency in robotic welding to virtual solutions that simulate the path to success, Genesis has worked with automotive manufacturers to find innovative solutions to the industry’s toughest production challenges. Whether it’s handling and welding hundreds of different part numbers with one system, or custom tooling and fixturing for straight material flow, Genesis has developed custom and turnkey solutions to help automotive manufacturers find the production efficiency they need to remain relevant in a global marketplace.

Genesis offers the following robotic integration solutions for transportation applications:

  • Robotic Welding to include:
    • Cold metal transfer
    • Low spatter GMAW
    • High deposition tandem wire
    • High deposition cored wire
    • GTAW
    • Laser welding
    • Resistance spot welding
  • Robotic Material Handling and Machine Tending
  • Dispensing
  • Material Removal
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Robotic Tooling
  • Virtual Design Solutions
  • Metrology
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Robotic adhesive dispensing workcells from Genesis Systems Group significantly reduce manual interaction requirements, streamlining processes for faster production and improved accuracy.

The workcell includes a FANUC R-2000 robot for material handling. Equipped with vacuum grippers for safe and secure placement of the glass on the incoming and outgoing fixture racks, which are included, the articulated robotic arm programmatically moves within the cell to complete the adhesive application processes.

Featuring an automatic prime and wipe system, the dual servo-driven adhesive dispenser has a water-filled temperature conditioning unit to ensure reliable, accurate application. At the end of the adhesive application process, the robot places the glass on the outgoing fixture rack, from where the operator will then retrieve it with a manual manipulator and apply it to the final product.

Accurate. Efficient. Reliable.

Accelerate your ROI with a robotic dispensing solution from Genesis.