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With its slim design, the Genesis GenS FWS servo driven ferris wheel robotic welding system can handle high volume production parts that require repositioning during the weld cycle.

Applications: —
Weight capacity: 600 – 1,000 Kg.

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Key Specifications
Base Positioner Configuration Main axis – servo driven
Main sweep index time 3.0 to 4.0 seconds
Minor axis – dual servo driven trunnions
Tool length 1.5-meters (59-inches)
Tool swing diameter 1.0-meters (39-inches)
Weight capacity 600-kilograms (1,322-lbs)
Base Component Configuration FANUC ArcMate 100iC or Panasonic 1400
Lincoln i400 or Miller Auto Axcess 300
Tregaskiss, Binzel or TBi air-cooled through arm torch
Genesis torch alignment package
Safety package (includes light curtains, gate interlock and barriers)
Genesis Allen-Bradley controls package with L1 processor
Rotary ground
Standard Dimensional Specifications Tool length – 1.5-meters (59-inches) to 2.5-meters (98-inches)
Tool swing diameter – 1.0-meters (39-inches)
Load height – .86-meters (34-inches)
Cell width – 2913-mm (115-inches) to 4604-mm (182-inches)
Cell depth – 4360-mm (172-inches)
Cell height  – 2514-mm (99-inches)
Standard Capacity Specifications Weight capacity – 600-kilograms (1,322-lbs) to 1,000-kilograms (2,200-lbs)
Engineering specifications for 600-kilogram and 1,000-kilogram
capacity per station
Main axis:
– Out of balance – Station A to Station B 300-kilograms
– 180-degree index time under 4.0 seconds
Minor axis:
– Gearbox rated torque 1617Nm
– Gearbox ratio 161:1
– Gearbox maximum moment 2940Nm
– Motor maximum RPM 4,000
– Motor torque output 12Nm
– Nominal acceleration .5 seconds
– Allowable tool out of balance torque 250Nm
– 180-degree index time 2.0 seconds
Standard Platform Options Tool length 2.0-meters, 2.5-meters
Weight capacity 1,000-kilograms
Power track cable carrier
Smoke hood and extraction system
Off-line programming
Training programs (basic, advanced, maintenance, off-line, CRAW)
Intelligence CenterTM
Standard Component Options Robot models: FANUC, Panasonic, Motoman
Process gear: Miller, Lincoln, Fronius, Thermadyne, Hypertherm
Welding torches: Tregaskiss, Binzel, TBi, Fronius
Torch cleaners: Tregaskiss, Binzel, TBi
Controls: PanelView 1000+ Compact

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Key Features


  • Fast index time reduces overall
    cycle time
  • Multiple robot configurations
  • System design allows for multiple in-line
    system layout – progressive processing


  • High utilization of robot work envelope
  • Safer robot programming
  • Reduces required floor space
  • Quick installation – robot, positioner
    and controls on unitized base


  • Pre-engineered, proven design
  • Single source responsibility
  • 24-hour support service


  • Able to accommodate large tool
    lengths, swing diameters and high
    weight capacity
  • Easily configured to meet application
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