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Modular Components

These 100% custom cells focus on the larger, heavier weldments often found in the construction, industrial and related industries. The modular design allows you to configure components to meet your changing production needs.

Headstock / Tailstock Positioners

Ideal for medium to large sized parts that require repositioning during the weld cycle. Part rotation is servo driven, allowing robot and workpiece coordinated motion. Weight capacity: 1,000 Kg. to 10,000+ Kg.

Pneumatic Turntable Positioners

A flexible high speed turntable system for light to heavy weld applications. Weight capacity: 450 Kg and 1350 Kg models.

Servo Turntable Positioners

Easy set-up and configuration, fast index time, highly repeatable, minimal components and heavy weight capacities. Weight capacity: 450 – 12,000 Kg


Boom positioner for welding the interior of large parts. Features servo motor plus increased reach and usable work envelope.

Two-Axis Positioners

For parts that require complex repositioning. Features drop center positioner that adds an extra axis to head and tailstock positioners. Weight capacity: 750-4500 Kg.

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