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Booms increase robot usable work envelope and provides a better reach for welds located on the interior of large parts. The Boom is driven by a servo motor allowing the robot to be easily repositioned. Booms can also be used in conjunction with the track to further increase work envelope.

Transporters Genesis
Transporters - Genesis
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Mini Boom Overhead Boom (Inverted)
Maximum swing radius .9-meters 1.25-meters to 2.0-meters
Height range of boom arm 1.5-meters 3.0-meters
Servo motor size required 12Nm, straight shaft,
3000 rpm with brake
12Nm, straight shaft,
3000 rpm with brake


      • Tracks increase robot reach for larger parts
      • Available with heavy or light duty capacities
      • Available as two-position or servo driven/infinite position track
      • Modular versions can be linked together to reach desired lengths
      • Used to transport robots or positioners


RTU RT (non extendable and no leveling) MT-50 Shuttle
Maximum weight capacity 2,000-kilograms 1,000-kilograms 10,000-kilograms 500-kilograms
Maximum linear speed .8-meters per second .8-meters per second 1.0-meters per second .5-meters per second
Standard length 2.0-meters,
3.0-meters 1.75-meters,
Maximum length 50-meters 3.0-meters 50-meters Not applicable
Carriage length 1.01-meters 1.01-meters 1.72-meters .60-meters
Total travel length (max length minus carriage length) Total track length less 1.01-meters Total track length less
1.72-meters Total track length less
Method of movement Servo rack and pinion Servo rack and pinion Servo rack and pinion Pneumatic air cylinder
Carriage servo motor size required 8Nm, tapered shaft,
4000 rpm, brake
8Nm, tapered shaft,
4000 rpm, brake
12Nm, straight shaft,
4000 rpm, brake
Not applicable
Minimum robot mounting height (risers available) .30-meters .30-meters .40-meters .20-meters

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