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Genesis has developed a line of Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection Systems.

Our innovative approach to automated UT inspection addresses the increasing demands for 100% inspection of critical aero-structure carbon-fiber composite components. Combining world-class UT Equipment and KUKA High-Accuracy robots, Genesis offers a reliable, highly productive inspection cell.

The NSpect system is designed to inspect both flat and contoured parts in and/or above an immersion tank in either a “Process-to-Part” or manner “Part-to-Process”. The “Process-to-Part” method is the traditional NDI approach where the sensor, or series of sensors, is manipulated along the surface of a fixtured part. In this case, the robot can automatically switch among sensors with the included automatic tool changer on the robot.

The “Part to Process” approach involves the robot automatically manipulating a workpiece in front of a stationary ultrasonic sensor(s). For example, in the case of the small parts, a linear array sensor would be mounted in the tank such that the part would be picked off of its respected tooling nest and submerged during the inspection process. The robot could operate multiple parts without intervention from an operator.

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The Genesis NSpect™ 115 Robotic NDI System, contains a single, track-mounted KUKA 6-axis robot.

This system includes various inspection types, including multi-element phased array, single-sided pulse echo, as well as a dual through transmission yoke. Each tool is mounted to an automatic tool changer for seamless, process changes.

This system can inspect multiple composite parts using a water-coupled through transmission ultrasound technology. Using pairs of conventional ultrasonic probes, thru-transmission ultrasound is a well-established non-destructive inspection technique that is especially useful for testing parts for defects and inconsistencies when single-sided pulse echo processes fall short.

The mechanical system can perform single-sided pulse echo and phased array inspections, with the included process equipment and end of arm tools. This system is ideal for inspecting welds or detecting flaws in solid materials.

The Genesis NSpect™ 115 NDI track mounted system brings to the Aviation, Space and Defense industry high-speed inspection of parts with improved throughput over traditional cartesian NDI systems. Contact Genesis Systems for more information.

NSpect 110

The NSpect 110 is a single-station, single robot inspection system designed for the non-destructive inspection industry.

NSpect 115

The NSpect 115 is a single robot, single track inspection system designed for the non-destructive inspection industry.

NSpect 210

The NSpect 210 is a two-station, single robot inspection system designed for the non-destructive inspection industry.

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