NSpect 115

Leading Robotic Workcell in Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI)

Genesis Systems Group is a recognized leader in robotic solutions for aerospace and defense manufacturing applications, including our leading systems for non-destructive inspection.

Leveraging our more than 35 years and over 5,000 robot integrations worldwide, Genesis has developed the innovative NSpect 115 robotic workcell for unparalleled process gear flexibility in non-destructive inspection (NDI) applications. For 100% inspection of critical aero-structure carbon-fiber composite components, the NSpect 115 robotic workcell performs acoustography, thermography, shearography, ultrasound inspection, x-ray inspection, and eddy current inspection. Featuring a KUKA KR 150 R3700KF “foundry” robot, the NSpect 115 is the industry’s premier NDI solution.

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Standard System Components


Genesis System Platform

  • (1) 16-Meter MT-75 RTU Track
  • (1) Heavy-Duty Carriage with Single-point Lubrication
  • Integrated Electrical Wire Troughs
  • Operator Station
  • Integrated Control Pallet
  • (1) Robot EOA Valve Kit and Integration of KUKA Options

Genesis AMP Control Package

  • Single Point Power Distribution (480 VAC)
  • 110VAC Transformer, 24VDC Power Supply
  • Remote Ethernet Programming Port with 110VAC Outlet
  • Industrial PC with Single Monitor
  • Indusoft-Based HMI
  • Beckhoff PLC – Based Controls
  • Dual Channel Safety Circuit (RIA compliant) (ANSI/RIA R15.06 1999 (R2009))
  • Managed 12-port Ethernet Switch
  • LED Status Light Poles

KUKA Robot Package

  • (1) KUKA KR 150 R3700 KF Robot (150 kg Capacity, 3700 mm Reach)
  • KRC4 Robot Controller
  • External Axis Motor Package – (1) KUKA Servo Motor (Required for Servo Track)
  • EtherCAT Software Interface with Safety Interface
  • KUKA Axis Mastering Tool
  • Fast Measurement Adapter
  • Energy Supply Option, Axes A1-A6
  • Robot Sensor Interface
  • Safe Operation w/Switch
  • TUV Compliant (UL Listing)

Genesis NDI Process Package

  • Genesis Robotic NDI Interface
  • (1) Genesis Blitz™ Module
  • (1) Genesis VectorTM Programming Package

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Key Features


  • Safely load/unload during inspection cycle.
    No special certification required to operate
    the machine
  • ASNT certified inspectors can review results
    remotely and print out inspection reports
    with no loss of inspection time
  • Demonstrated five-fold reduction in actual
    inspection time.


  • Complex contour or flat scan
  • Configurable station layouts
  • Multiple processes integrated into the same
    system (immersion, squirter and/or bubbler
    ultrasonic and eddy current capabilities)
  • Minimal tooling required


  • Highly accurate robotic platform
  • Detect, locate and annotate multiple types
    of defects
  • Full traceability utilizing bar code reader
  • Auto-populated report generation
  • Automated reference standard scan

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