NSpect 210

Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection
Genesis, with 35 years of robotic automation experience is recognized as one of North America’s leading robotics systems integrators with over 4,900 systems installed worldwide.

Genesis has developed a line of Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection systems. Our innovative approach to automated UT inspection addresses the increasing demands for 100% inspection of critical aero-structure carbon-fiber composite components. Combining worldclass UT Equipment and KUKA High-Accuracy robots, Genesis offers a reliable, highly productive inspection cell.

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Standard System Components
  • KUKA KR60HA 6-axis robot
  • High speed ultrasonic array imaging system
  • Two-drawer loading system with bar code scanning
  • InspectionWare acquisition and analysis software
  • 64-element array (PE) and single pixel in TTU
  • Automated reference standard schedule
  • Allen Bradley PLC – based controls system
  • PC with Windows XP and 1 TB hard drive
  • Full wave form capture and remote evaluation
  • 72” x 36” x 36” S.S. water tank with filtration system
  • RIA-Compliant safety system with interlocked enclosure

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Key Features


  • Safely load/unload during inspection
    cycle. No special certification required to
    operate the machine
  • ASNT certified inspectors can review
    results remotely and print out inspection reports with no loss of inspection time.
  • Demonstrated five-fold reduction in
    actual inspection time


  • Complex contour or flat scan
  • Configurable station layouts
  • Multiple processes integrated into the
    same system (immersion, squirter and/
    or bubbler ultrasonic and eddy current
  • Minimal tooling required


  • Highly accurate robotic platform
  • Detect, locate and annotate multiple types of defects
  • Full traceability utilizing bar code reader
  • Minimal tooling required
  • Auto-populated report generation
  • Automated reference standard scan

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