NSpect 210

Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection with the Genesis NSpect 210

The Genesis NSpect 210 robotic non-destructive inspection (NDI) workcell is a two-station, single robot system. Combining world-class UT equipment and KUKA high-accuracy robots, the NSpect 210 offers a reliable, highly productive inspection solution for aerospace and defense industry NDI applications.

Leveraging more than 35 years of robotic automation experience, our innovative approach to automated UT inspection addresses the increasing demands for 100% inspection of critical aero-structure carbon-fiber composite components.

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Standard System Components
  • KUKA KR60HA 6-axis robot
  • High speed ultrasonic array imaging system
  • Two-drawer loading system with bar code scanning
  • InspectionWare acquisition and analysis software
  • 64-element array (PE) and single pixel in TTU
  • Automated reference standard schedule
  • Allen Bradley PLC – based controls system
  • PC with Windows XP and 1 TB hard drive
  • Full wave form capture and remote evaluation
  • 72” x 36” x 36” S.S. water tank with filtration system
  • RIA-Compliant safety system with interlocked enclosure

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Key Features


  • Safely load/unload during inspection
    cycle. No special certification required to
    operate the machine
  • ASNT certified inspectors can review
    results remotely and print out inspection reports with no loss of inspection time.
  • Demonstrated five-fold reduction in
    actual inspection time


  • Complex contour or flat scan
  • Configurable station layouts
  • Multiple processes integrated into the
    same system (immersion, squirter and/
    or bubbler ultrasonic and eddy current
  • Minimal tooling required


  • Highly accurate robotic platform
  • Detect, locate and annotate multiple types of defects
  • Full traceability utilizing bar code reader
  • Minimal tooling required
  • Auto-populated report generation
  • Automated reference standard scan

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