Robotic Machine Tending System Cuts Cycle Time Under 60 Seconds for Pinion Gear Drive Train Component Agricultural Manufacturer

Genesis delivered a robotic machine tending system capable of handling 16 part numbers in unattended production.

An agricultural manufacturer of pinion gear drive train components needed an automation solution for lathe and part washing processes – both of which required manual loading and unloading that was creating a bottleneck in production.

The Challenge

The system had to work mostly unattended while handling 16 different part numbers – processing each part in under 60 seconds – and maintaining high levels of uptime to achieve the productivity and return on investment the manufacturer desired.

The Solution

Genesis integrated a single-robot workcell with a FANUC M710iC/50 robot mounted on an 80” platform above the lathe. The robot had dual 3-jaw grippers with 180-degree index and was guided by FANUC iRVision/2D with a red LED lighting system.

A double-deck, 24” wide belt conveyor system was built with no hard tooling, and Genesis installed a “moonroof” on top of the Okuma L-470 door. The whole system was surrounded by an integrated 12’ safety enclosure.

The Results

Genesis integrated a robotic machine tending system that allowed the manufacturer to produce pinion gear drive train components faster than ever before. Cycle time was reduced to less than 60 seconds per part for each of the 16 part numbers.

The conveyor system was built to operate unattended for at least 45 minutes at a time and the system was capable of maintaining 95% uptime. In the end, Genesis helped eliminate the manufacturer’s production bottleneck, achieve new levels of productivity and find ROI for their automation investment.

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