Robotic Machine Tending for Drive Train Parts Boosts Throughput for Agricultural Manufacturer

Genesis developed a single, automated machine tending system to move over 100 parts at various volumes.

An agricultural equipment manufacturer needed an automation solution for lathe tending processes. Manual processes were too slow, prone to error and straining overall throughput. They knew they needed to automate, but there were many obstacles and they weren’t sure if their processes could be automated.

The Challenge

The automation solution needed to handle over 100 part types with almost no changeover. These parts are processed in mixed batches at various volumes. Usually this means the system would require extensive programming, but the manufacturer required a solution with minimal programming time due to limited in-house expertise.

The Solution

Genesis integrated a single-robot workcell with a FANUC R2000iB/165F robot equipped with FANUC iRVision/2D for part location, recognition and orientation. The workcell featured two inbound 120” x 24” conveyor systems with no hard tooling and dual 3-jaw grippers with quick-change jaws and a Genesis Camera Enclosure.

The automation system was integrated with the customer-supplied Okuma Macturn 550 lathe and plant network, as well as an inspection drawer with a “vision-friendly” surface and locking capability for in-process manual inspection that didn’t disrupt production cycles.

The Results

Genesis was able to automate processes that even the manufacturer wasn’t sure could be automated. They delivered a robotic machine tending system with all the features and capabilities the manufacturer desired, capable of successfully handling over 100 part types with minimal changeover.

The automation solution maintains 95% uptime, even across mixed batches for small and large volume production cycles. It requires little maintenance and programming for continuous operations and can even operate in a “lights out” environment (i.e.: with no operator present).

Genesis developed a robotic machine tending and handling system that increased accuracy and throughput while dramatically improving production efficiencies.

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