Robotic Machine Tending System for Mfr of Pinion Drive Train Gears Accommodates 9 Parts Up to 30 Lbs

Genesis Integrated a Robotic Machine Tending Solution That Maintains High Uptime and Cuts Cycle Times To Under 60 Seconds

A manufacturer of planet and sun pinion drive train gears was struggling with manual loading and unloading processes that constantly interrupted the production cycle. They needed an automation solution that would maintain uptime while also reducing their cycle times to improve productivity.

The Challenge

The robotic machine tending system needed to accommodate 9 part numbers, some of which were 30 lbs., with no changeover. There had to be minimal interruptions to the robot and production cycle to drive productivity and return on investment, and the whole solution needed to be integrated with existing systems.

The Solution

Genesis created a single-robot workcell with a FANUC R-2000iB/125L robot mounted on a 60” platform between two customer-supplied OKUMA LU-300 lathes. A Genesis Bulkpick parts sorter was used as an alternative to random 3D bin picking, and a FANUC iRVision/2D package with red LED lighting system was installed.

The robotic system had 3-jaw ID grippers with custom part contacting details and a custom re-grip station that was compatible with all part sizes. The entire system was enclosed by a custom Genesis 12 foot safety enclosure.

The Results

Genesis delivered a robotic machine tending solution that maintained 95% uptime and cut cycle times to under 60 seconds per part. The robotic system was capable of handling all 9 part numbers with no changeover, and the workcell design allowed process adjustment without robot or production cycle interruptions.

The automation solution successfully integrated with existing and customer-supplied production equipment while still maximizing productivity and process speed. In the end, Genesis was able to create and implement a robotic machine tending system that helped the manufacturer overcome some of their most difficult production challenges.

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