Automated Material Handling System for a First-Time Robot User Delivers Higher Quality & Faster Production

Genesis Created a Turnkey System for Material Handling of 3 Different Crankshaft Designs with Simple Programming and Maintenance.

A manufacturer of 10, 11 and 13 Liter Diesel Engines needed to automate material handling and removal processes to achieve higher quality and productivity over previous manual processes that were inconsistent and slowing down production.

The Challenge

The manufacturer needed a robotic system that could operate in a harsh environment; automate material handling for three crankshaft designs; and that features simple programming and maintenance while still improving process speed and product quality.

The Solution

Genesis integrated a two-robot system – a KUKA KR200 and a KUKA KR150 robot – with one robot mounted to a 24-foot Genesis modular servo track. The system included two servo trunnion workstations with custom tooling for compatibility.

The robotic system had a Pushcorp “Big Tex” Active Force Device and Servo Tool Changer. There were manual loading and unloading stations for part quality checks. The whole automation system featured turnkey programming for all three models of crankshaft and integrated connectivity for remote support by the Genesis Service Department.

The Results

Genesis successfully delivered an automation solution that seamlessly interacts with existing machines that were never meant to be automated. The robotic material handling system was capable of handling all three crankshaft designs with no changeover while operating in a harsh environment.

The system was built to be easy to use and program for ongoing time savings. Genesis’s robotic solution helped eliminate inconsistencies from manual processes and dramatically increased process speed, helping the manufacturer achieve their production goals.

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