Robotic Material Handling for Agriculture Equip Mfr Dramatically Cuts Cycle Times for 3 Processes

Genesis integrated a vision-guided robotic material handling system that maintains 95% Uptime.

An agricultural manufacturer was having difficulty with lathing, gauging and washing taper cone range gears. Manual machine tending added to overall cycle time significantly, and was therefore an ideal target for automation. The manufacturer wanted to cut cycle times by minimizing interruptions and maintaining very high uptime levels.

The Challenge

The automated material handling system needed to integrate with several older lathe, gauge and wash machines, allowing tool change and process adjustment without interrupting robot cycles to maintain uptime.

The Solution

Genesis implemented a single-robot workcell with a FANUC R2000iB robot mounted on a five-foot riser. The system included a gripper-mounted FANUC iRVision/2D vision system with a red LED lighting system and a dual gripper with identical jaws for quick loading and unloading.

The entire front of the lathe is accessible to the operator as the robot was built specifically to have rear access to the lathe. The system features a 10” AB Panelview Plus Operator Interface (HMI) and is integrated with a customer-supplied Okuma Captain L-470 lathe via Ethernet/IP, a 12’ safety enclosure, a part gauge and a part washer via Ethernet.

The Results

Genesis delivered a robotic material handling system capable of meeting all the requirements of the agricultural equipment manufacturer. The system was able to maintain 95% uptime – a significant improvement over manual loading and unloading.

The automation system successfully integrated with all the manufacturer’s existing systems. It also allowed for tool change and in-process adjustment without interrupting the robot cycle time, which was ultimately the biggest contributor to cutting cycle times.

Genesis helped the agricultural equipment manufacturer reach their production goals by implementing a single automation system to keep production running almost continuously.

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