Updates to Robotic Welding System Increase ROI for Agriculture Equipment Mfr

Genesis Updates Existing Robotic Welding System in Less than 10 Weeks

A manufacturer of agricultural equipment & long time client of Genesis Systems Group, has purchased 5 different robotic systems from Genesis.

Technological advances and increasing demand create new requirements for automation systems. In this particular instance, the customer needed new safety curtains in their CRZ-FT two-station welding system.

The Challenge

In need of an immediate update to their robotic welding workcell; Genesis’ customer needed to accommodate new processes with as little downtime as possible; additionally, there were future application considerations to be made to maximize ROI.

The Solution

Genesis worked closely with the clients technicians to determine the exact requirements for production – including current and future demands.

Genesis considered torch length and robot reach when designing the new weld curtains. To ensure optimal design and implementation, proof of concept was first verified in Genesis’s Virtual Solutions Center by Genesis engineers. The simulation process facilitated speedier implementation and system deployment.

The Results

Genesis introduced, built and integrated new weld curtains into existing CRZ-FT systems that delivered the functionality they were looking for.

Genesis delivered safety curtains that accounted for the current need in welding procedures, as well as anticipated future application needs, maximizing ROI of the updated robotic welding system.

The client set a strict deadline of 12 weeks for the weld curtain integration – a very small window for success. With the advantages offered by its Virtual Solutions Center and team of experienced engineers, Genesis was able to deliver the system in under 10 weeks, helping them achieve efficiency and measurable ROI on their existing welding system.

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