Robotic Welding Cell For Large Weldments Delivers ROI For Tier-1 Manufacturer

Genesis robotic welding cell brought improved quality, accuracy and speed to production.

Virtual Solutions to Justify Automation

A leading tier-1 transportation manufacturer needed a robotic welding cell to improve the accuracy and speed of production for trailer beds. The existing methods of producing trailer beds was the slowest link in a highly efficient, high value supply chain.

The Challenge

The labor-intensive process of making large, flat weldments on trailer beds was error prone and slowed down production.

The Solution

Following a thorough review of welding processes, Genesis developed a two-station, two-robot workcell with an overhead servo track. The workcell was designed using virtual solutions simulation software to ensure maximum robot reach for the welding of large parts.

The system featured two FANUC robots – mounted on robot risers on a linear servo driven transporter – which worked in the same cell simultaneously. The station A was safe for loading and unloading while station B was in use.

The two robots switched back and forth between cells and were programmed to avoid collisions as they passed by one another. An HMI was located at the front of the workcell between both cells for quick and easy control.

The Results

The two-station design facilitated faster loading and unloading of trailer bed parts – which was previously a slow process due to their size – maintaining high levels of production uptime.

The extended reach of the two-robot design allowed for multiple welds to occur at the same time, increasing welding speed. Delivering greater accuracy and repeatability than manual processes, Genesis’s robotic welding workcell solution cell greatly improved the quality of flat welds.

In the end, the manufacturer received an automated welding solution that increased production levels and decreased lead times, making them a valuable link in the supply chain and a more attractive business partner.

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