Cloud-Based Robotic Welding Software Delivers Real-Time Data & 20% Increase in Uptime

The Genesis intelligenceCenter™ cloud-based robotic software workcell monitoring solution delivers measureable productivity gains for a defense transportation manufacturer.

A defense manufacturer of light and heavy all-terrain combat vehicles, was unable to meet increasing production demands with existing robotic welding workcells. They were looking to boost productivity levels without investing in an entirely new automation system.

The Challenge

The root causes of downtime and inefficiencies were elusive, as robotic welding workcells were not connected to any form of robotic software for real-time data collection and analysis for process control.

The Solution

Genesis implemented its proprietary, cloud-based robotic workcell monitoring solution: the Genesis intelligenceCenter™. Specifically designed for robotic automation workcells, the Genesis intelligenceCenter is based on IGear’s Pulse technology platform. This innovative technology facilitates the transmission, storage and analysis of robot performance in real-time, via the internet.

The Genesis intelligenceCenter displays and analyzes a wide range of performance metrics and information, including critical robot and weld parameters, file backups, workcell performance, alarm histories, frequency reports, diagnostics, and much more.

The Manufacturer’s Technicians, as well as its executive and management teams, have 24/7 access to review the easily digestible data in real-time. To facilitate early detection of potential problems and timely technical support, Genesis also has the capability to monitor systems remotely.

The Results

The Genesis intelligenceCenter provides real-time health indicators for each machine, highlighting errors that can cause downtime and facilitating expedient remote support. The customer quickly saw robotic welding workcell uptime improve by 20%. Over time, the Genesis intelligenceCenter aggregates historical data that provides valuable insights into process control inefficiencies and potential causes of downtime that can be avoided more effectively through timely changes.

Utilizing the Genesis intelligenceCenter has provided the customer with a way to increase productivity and improve process control efficiencies of their existing system to help them meet growing production demands.

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