Multi-Process Robotic Welding of Large Construction Equipment Drives Efficiency

Genesis’s turnkey robotic block tacking and stud welding workcell expertly executes 10 different welding processes.

A manufacturer of large construction equipment needed an automation solution to boost overall efficiency of processes. The material cost and time that went into each part meant that mistakes were costly; but at the same time they needed to boost speed across all their welding processes to find efficiency.

The Challenge

Balancing speed and flexibility in an automated system that would reach the entire part without moving it presented a serious challenge to finding an effective automation solution.

The Solution

Genesis integrated a two-station, single-robot workcell consisting of Genesis Modular servo track, positioners and welding robots. The automation system included a track-mounted, automatic tool change system with a cable management system independent of robot dressout.

The system featured an Allen Bradley PLC-based controls system and operator interface. Genesis application engineers provided turnkey programming, on-site startup support and complete system training.

The Results

Genesis delivered a multi-process robotic welding system capable of automating over 10 different welding processes for the manufacture of the large construction equipment. Even for parts that weighed 20,000 lbs., Genesis’ turnkey robotic welding workcell solution was capable of reaching the whole part without having to move it between machines.

Genesis’s robotic welding solution improved accuracy across all weld processes and significantly reduced overall weld cycles. The end result was a system that created the production efficiency that the manufacturer needed to remain competitive.

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