Robotic Welding for Fabrication of MilSpec Hydra Skid Systems Cuts Cycle Time

Genesis Automated Welding Solution Cuts Weld Cycle Time to Scale Production

Robotic Welding Hydra SkidA manufacturer of milspec metal pallets and skid systems and first-time robot user, needed a custom robotic welding solution that would drastically cut weld cycle times for their military Hydra skid system. Previous welding processes, all done by hand, were proving insufficient for consistently meeting military-grade specifications as well as attempting to meet increased demand.
The Challenge

Following military weld specifications by hand was slowing production to the point of being unprofitable, which limited the company’s ability to scale production with demand.

The Solution

Genesis implemented a Versa 2 robotic welding system designed to meet the strict, custom requirements of the manufacturer. Genesis engineers worked closely with the manufacturer’s operator and project manager every step of the way to ensure the workcell met all their production needs.

The design of the workcell accommodated ergonomic positioning at a 45-60 degree angle for safe, efficient loading and unloading. Inspection processes were implemented to ensure dimensional correctness of the parts being loaded in order to meet military tolerance specifications.

The close collaboration between teams, along with Genesis Virtual Solutions to simulate proof of concept, resulted in a robotic welding system that could quickly and easily reach all weld areas of the part.

The Results

The robotic welding system eliminated the need for hand welding. This reduced weld cycle time from 22 minutes to 14 minutes for the top of the part, and from 30 minutes to 16 minutes for the bottom of the part – nearly cutting overall cycle time in half.

With proper inspection and loading processes in place, the automated welding process produced consistent, high-quality welds, helping the manufacturer more easily achieve strict military specifications.

Faster and more accurate welding of the Hydra skid systems increased the total speed of production, while also making production more profitable. This was exactly what the manufacturer needed to effectively scale production to meet growing demand for their products.

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