Robotic Welding Workcells Result in Worthington Steelpac’s Successful Expansion Into New Market

Genesis delivered a highly complex, multi-workcell automated welding solution to enable launch of new steel pallets product line.

Worthington Steelpac, a division of Worthington Industries, decided to start manufacturing and selling steel pallets – a new market that was growing rapidly at the time. However, since they had never made these products before, there were several manufacturing barriers.

Robotic welding automation aligned perfectly with their goals. They needed to be able to produce steel pallets quickly with high levels of accuracy to ensure their new products earned a good reputation. They also needed to minimize production costs, so they could immediately enter the market as a competitor.

The Challenge

Robotic welding of steel pallets required multiple workcells and part movements to accommodate several different types of welding processes for three different sizes of steel pallets. This was a highly complex system that still needed to perform high volume welding with speed and quality.

The Solution

Genesis integrated five turnkey welding systems to handle each welding process in progression. The network of automation systems includes four FANUC arc welding robots, five FANUC spot welding robots, and two FANUC material handling robots.

The whole process is governed by FANUC software, and the tooling can automatically change for different steel pallet sizes at any point in the process. Each system included sensors and protection systems for operator safety.

The Results

Genesis delivered the complex robotic welding solution that Worthington Steelpac was looking for. The company was capable of producing 750 steel pallets per day over three shifts – this number could expand to 1500 pallets per day as the company grows its sales.

The robotic system provided the accuracy required for all three steel pallet sizes, and despite the complexity involved, the system also provided the speed that Worthington Steelpac needed to be profitable.

Genesis created an automated welding solution that helped Worthington Steelpac meet their production needs. These goals were central to their plan to launch their new line of steel pallets, and with Genesis’s automation solution, they were well positioned to be a major player in the steel pallet industry.

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