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Squeaks Communication Software


Streamlining Manufacturing Communications

Faster, Better Decisions
with Machines as Part of the Conversation

Genesis offers you an easy way to get the right, critical machine information to the right personnel with Squeaks manufacturing communications solution.

Squeaks puts actionable machine insight into the hands of workers right when they need it, fostering greater collaboration and more effective decision-making.

Machines are a part of the conversation with Squeaks, alerting the proper personnel when:

  • An alarm occurs
  • Data trends predict an action
  • Trained personnel are required

Workers simply have to follow information threads relevant to their job duties and contribute to the conversation when:

  • Equipment malfunctions occur
  • A defective part is discovered
  • Production falls below targeted levels

When machines are a part of the conversation, improved collaboration eliminates communication inefficiencies and boosts employee productivity, allowing for faster and better decision-making.

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Key Features

  • Automated, configurable messages
  • Machines converse to notify people of key issues and data measurements
  • Equipment status/performance at-a-glance
  • Follow only relevant information threads
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