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Genesis Systems Group

a recognized leader in robotic systems integration

In business since 1983, Genesis consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations by developing, integrating and supporting the world’s most productive robotic work cells.

Genesis helps our customers win the productivity race by improving quality, increasing throughput and multiplying human productive capacity. We are problem solvers… your go-to source for challenging automation projects.

Genesis Systems Group News

  • Discounted Training Opportunity

    Genesis is currently offering discounted training opportunities thru the end of 2017. Our training center doesn’t just train your team to use a robot.  We train your team to program and operate a robotic system.  Our training center has fully integrated systems equipped with welding equipment, auxiliary axis positioners, torch cleaning stations, alignment stations, operator […]

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  • Tax the Robot

    Jeff Burnstein is the President of the Association for Advancing Automation. Burnstein shares in a debate on CNBC’s On the Money program discussing the negative consequences of a robot tax.

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  • Welding Automation gets Heavy

    Automation for heavy welding requires careful consideration. The more information gathering, analysis and planning that can be done upfront, the better change the effort will lead to success. How will the positioning of the part affect the weld?  How much variation will heat distortion cause?  What is the right process for this part?  How were […]

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