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Genesis Systems Group

a recognized leader in robotic systems integration

In business since 1983, Genesis consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations by developing, integrating and supporting the world’s most productive robotic work cells.

Genesis helps our customers win the productivity race by improving quality, increasing throughput and multiplying human productive capacity. We are problem solvers… your go-to source for challenging automation projects.

Genesis Systems Group News

  • Genesis Optimizes Designs and Smooths Sales Process with VR Visualization

    Genesis is utilizing VR, presented on a Mechdyne grid of curved screens (right), to improve both how they work with their customers and their internal collaboration. Through VR modeling and prototyping, Genesis customers review robotic designs and dive deeper into their concepts. This gives Genesis the ability to answer insightful questions, and address design requests […]

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  • Genesis uses visualization to streamline robot production

    Based in Davenport, Iowa, Genesis designs and manufactures robots for factory applications such as welding, inspection and material handling. A typical Genesis robot has a footprint of about 20 feet by 20 feet, and some are up to 100 feet long. Their size, weight, and complexity make them expensive and time-consuming to move. Many potential customers […]

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  • Genesis is Showcasing at AeroDef Manufacturing 2018

    Globally recognized specialists in robotic systems integration for commercial aerospace, space launch, and defense applications, Genesis will be showcasing at AeroDef Manufacturing 2018, an important industry event that brings together high-concept, integrated solutions and real-world applications. Demonstrating advanced robotic solutions for non-destructive inspection (NDI), laser processing, mobile robotic platforms, IIoT connectivity for press tending and […]

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