IPG Laser System Solutions

In addition to developing the world’s leading fiber lasers, IPG Photonics also produces a series of turnkey and custom laser machining systems.   Equipped with high precision motor systems, custom optics, beam switches, processing heads and software there is an IPG laser system built to meet the most demanding material processing applications.


Multi-Axis Laser Systems

This series of laser workstations are cost-efficient systems that can be configured for laser welding, cutting, drilling, marking and cleaning of a wide range of metal components, enclosures and fabrications.



ILT Medical Laser Systems

Designed to support medical laser machining these systems support high-precision applications where software control, verification and process traceability are critical system requirements.


This rugged system specializes in  cutting small parts where precision cutting is key, LaserCube motion systems are optimized to cut small features and rapid contours at high speeds.  Small Parts Made Easy (even reflective metals)

Laser Seam Stepper

The Fiber Laser Alternative to resistance Spot Welding, the Laser Seam Stepper excels in spot welding, a technique used in the automotive, transportation or large domestic appliance industries.

Tube and Pipe Systems

Designed for integration in a tube or profile mill, the TPS-6000 provides high-speed, high-quality pipe seam joining at significantly lower operating cost than traditional laser techniques.

Remote Scanning Workstations

These configurable Class 1 laser workstations include a fiber laser source, mid-power scanning head, and a six-axis robot with controller.  An easy to use interface provides programmability of motion and laser parameters for reliable welding, cutting and surface cleaning.