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IIoT Real-Time Machine Intelligence

Protect Your Investment, Reduce Machine Downtime and Maximize Uptime & Throughput

Monitor real-time status, alarms, historical trends, and critical parameters of your robot workcells with the intelligenceCENTER™.


Leveraging IIoT and connected manufacturing technology, intelligenceCENTER™ gives you big data insight that lets you make quick, smart decisions, whether you’re at your desk or on-the-go.

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Charles Francis
We first considered the Genesis intelligenceCENTER™ as a way to ensure the robot is working and not sitting idle. A busy robot makes money! And that’s critical to profitability. The intelligenceCENTER™ gives our key people important robot data, allowing us to monitor in real time. We use the ‘green light’ theory. Green is robot uptime. The intelligenceCENTER™ data forces you to ask yourself what is keeping the robot from running. If I were to only look at PPH (parts per hour) in our business, that is not telling the entire story. The intelligenceCenter gives us all the data we need, when we need it, so we can make smart decisions quickly to minimize downtime. I remember when we first purchased the Genesis intelligenceCENTER™ our sales rep told me, “If you buy this, you may need to buy less robot systems.” I asked, WHY would you want to sell me a product that may cause me to buy less robots? Isn’t this what you sell?” He told me that if I use the intelligenceCENTER™ data to see the picture it is painting, it will force a different thought process, causing us to ask different questions that allow us to become stronger, more competitive. He was right. The moral of the story: when we’re ready to buy more, Genesis has already proven to us it develops profitable solutions.
Charles Francis, CWI
Supervisor, Mayville Engineering Company
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Key Features

  • Uptime and downtime
  • Production data
  • PLC & robot alarms
  • Robot collisions
  • Automatic daily robot file backup and storage
  • Daily digest email reports
  • Digital signage integration
  • Unlimited users
  • 90 days of data storage
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