Laser Cutting

Cutting is the most popular application for industrial fiber lasers. The high-precision, speed and quality of laser cutting with IPG fiber lasers has made it the technology of choice for industrial material processing. Since IPG introduced the fiber laser as an ideal cutting technology, it has proven to be a more reliable and much lower cost solution, resulting in increased adoption of fiber laser cutting throughout the metal processing world. Since there is no contact between the fiber laser beam delivery head and metal being cut, the laser light is “a blade that never dulls” and always brings the same repeatable results regardless of how long it is in operation.


High Peak Power – Faster Cutting & Cleaner Piercing

Compared to older conventional cutting methods such as waterjet or plasma cutting, IPG fiber lasers deliver higher quality kerf, eliminating the need for part post-processing, as a result manufacturers have significantly reduced production costs. The amount of material removed in fiber laser cutting is reduced significantly compared to other methods; this precision also enables microcutting applications that are simply not possible by any other material processing technologies.

Exclusive IPG technologies deliver previously unattainable results, for example:

Adjustable Mode Beam Lasers: includes completely tunable core and ring beams that can improve cutting quality.

High Peak Power: advanced laser cutting capabilities for faster piercing, increased output quality, repeatability and waste reduction.

Laser Cutting Heads: delivers precise cutting results and maintains the precision cut quality over both time and laser power.

When integrated into Genesis automated solutions, IPG lasers deliver the flexibility and improved throughput to lower costs, drive productivity and help you meet your material processing goals.  Genesis’s fiber laser cutting robotic solutions can deliver highly precise and quality cuts no matter the programmed cut. In addition to the improved cut quality, Genesis automated solutions provide better process repeatability while the IPG fiber lasers and cutting heads deliver additional levels of process control, versatility, waste reduction and significant operating cost reduction.

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