Laser Welding


Welding with fiber lasers from IPG Photonics delivers superior advantages as compared with conventional joining methods. Laser welding is a non-contact process with no equipment wear or consumable usage and delivers very little heat input resulting in minimal heat affected zones and part distortion. Laser welding is the most reliable solution for high-speed, high-quality joining across a wide range of material combinations and thicknesses in nearly every industry.  IPG fiber laser innovations coupled with the expert automated welding solutions from Genesis Systems are on the forefront of improving the quality, speed and flexibility for welding applications while reducing overall costs.


High Precision Laser Welding of Small Parts

Exclusive IPG Photonics fiber laser technologies

Adjustable Mode Beam Lasers: delivers high-speed spatter-free welding, dramatically reducing the amount of rework and scrap.

Real-time inline weld monitoring: offers unmatched quality assurance of every part produced without the need for destructive testing, reducing material waste, improving quality and increasing overall throughput

Wobble welding: creates superior aesthetic finishes with no pits or cracking for normally challenging material combinations and poor part fit-up.

Genesis seamlessly integrates these leading edge welding solution into robotic automated welding solutions that enable our customers to increase part quality and overall productivity of their product lines.

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