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Advances in Robotics Revolutionize Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing has used robotic automation on the assembly line just about as long as any other industry. The world’s automakers have pioneered some of the newest automated technologies, including robotic welding, collaborative robots, and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). Let’s see how these trends will continue to revolutionize automotive manufacturing.

Advances in Robotic Welding Boost Efficiency

If you know anything about automotive manufacturing, you know that welding robots have been around a long time. They have been arc welding and spot welding for decades. New welding robots are far more useful than their predecessors. They can weld a wider variety of materials with improved weld quality. Automation makes the workspace safer for humans.

Manufacturers have also increased efficiency with new robotic welding solutions. Robots don’t need breaks. They can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with fewer mistakes. They don’t drop parts or handle them improperly. They can perform intricate welds with ease. And if an automaker needs to add another welder to boost business, no training is required. They just upload programming and bring the robot online.

Collaborative Robots Increase Flexibility

The auto industry quickly found that not all tasks can be automated. In fact, doing so isn’t even the most efficient solution. Collaborative robots were developed to work alongside human workers. Sensors and complex programming help keep workers safe while the robots perform a wide variety of tasks.

Automated Guided Vehicles Keep Facilities Moving

All auto manufacturing facilities need to move parts around. This cargo includes large components, vehicle chassis, and shipments. Robotic vision technology and programming help AGVs map out their environment and navigate around obstacles.  Humans can stay focused on work that requires critical thinking.

More Trends to Come in Auto Manufacturing Automation

Robotics in automotive manufacturing Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things is bringing wireless connectivity and cloud computing to automotive robots. Artificial Intelligence is letting the robots make the best decisions on the fly. 

The automotive industry is pulling out all the stops to deliver the consistent, quality products that their customers deserve. In this highly competitive industry, each manufacturer is trying to find an edge. The more advanced they can make their assembly lines, the more advanced their products can be.

As robotics technology advances Genesis Systems will be here to provide exceptional robotics for welding and manufacturing. Learn more on our site about the automated robotic welding solutions Genesis Systems can provide.

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